Registered Massage Therapy & Natural Therapeutic Services

Burnaby Healing Centre - Registered Massage Therapy

Clinic Policies

Our clientele is the best! And although we rarely have to exercise our rules and regulations, we do have a few. These help us to keep the relationship between therapist and client as professional and therapeutic as possible.


*Please understand that this is because our therapists are not salaried and may have turned away other paying clients in order to hold your appointment for you.

Tardiness & Lost Session Time

If you expect to be late for a scheduled session, please call. Even if you are unable to call, the length of your session will then have to be determined by your massage therapist (as they may have another client/appointment directly following yours). Our sessions are scheduled to start and end on time to allow our clients and our therapists to plan accordingly. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow for delays. If this is your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time so that your therapist can discuss any health conditions or special needs with you. If the tardiness is on our part, you will, of course, receive your full time on the table.

Expected Conduct

If any behavior on the part of a client is considered inappropriate, including but not limited to off-color comments, sexual innuendo and/or rude requests, the session will be terminated immediately and payment will still be due in full.

Personal Property

We are not responsible for your personal property during or after your visit. We provide a place for you to put your jewelry, purse, coat, etc. within your session room so that you can be responsible for it.